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CliP Piston àWengen Stapes Prosthesis


No more crimping: the new clip piston à Wengen.
Visiting Professor at HNO-University Hospital Basel, Switzerland

à Wengen D.

Published: 24th Politzer Meeting 31 August – 4 September 2003, Amsterdam,
the Netherlands: Selected abstracts

Objective: Crimping of the stapes prosthesis might result in injury to the incus.
Attachment is often not tight. Facilitated fixation of a stapes prosthesis
could improve surgery and provide more stable results.

Method: After development of a unique titanium clip over a seven year
period (Kurz AG, Dusslingen Germany) and reception of a CE-mark, the
first implantation was performed in September 2000. Full FDA approval
was received in June 2002. Up to May 2003 more than 2400 Clip Piston
àWengen have been purchased in several countries around the world.

Results: Only 60% of the circumference of the incus is touched by the clip
permitting adequate mucosal blood supply to the lenticular process. Application
of the prosthesis is quick and stable. There is no need for crimping
anymore. The clip holds precisely in the main axis of movement of the long
process of the incus.

Conclusion: This new stapes prosthesis facilitates surgery and reduces ORtime.
There is no need for crimping anymore. Acoustic coupling is ideal due
to the spring action of the self-retaining clip. Most surgeons have switched
entirely to this prosthesis. Long-term results will be needed to prove the
reduction of incus necrosis. In the nearly three year period of observation
since the first implantation there was no loosening of the clip.