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Ossiculoplasty with titanium prostheses

Romer M., Vorburger M., Huber A.

Published: MEMRO 2006, 4th International Symposium on Middle Ear Mechanics in Research and Otology: Selected Abstracts

Objective: To determine the hearing results and the complication rate one year after ossiculoplasty with the Kurz titanium System

Material and Methods: A retrospective chart review of 82 procedures in 77 patients. Included in the study were 36 Aerial-TORP and 46 Bell-PORP between October 2001 and October 2004. The air and bone conduction thresholds as well as the complication ratewere evaluated.

Results: The mean preoperative air bone gap (ABG) was 32,9 (+/-13,4) dB. 16 (+/-7,2) months postoperatively the average ABG was 17,6 (+/-11,8) dB. The extrusion rate was 3/82 (3,7%). In one case (1,2%) the prosthesis perforated the stapes footplate and was dislocated into the vestibule without significant sensorineural hearing loss. The tympanic membrane reperforation rate and the cholesteatoma recurrence rate was 3/82 (3,7%) and 1/82
(1,2%) respectively.

Conclusion: The Kurz titanium prosthesis system provides hearing success comparable with current ossiculoplasty studies and low complication rate.