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Upper Eyelid Implant 1.2 g (Platinum-Iridium)

Oberascher design


  • Regain best possible eyelid closure in case of peripheral facial palsy (lagophthalmos)
  • Extremely thin and rounded edges for good cosmetic results
  • Made of Platinum-Iridium which allows small volume of the implant design 
  • Excellent biocompatibility

Product Information

In case of peripheral facial palsy (lagophthalmos), the purpose of the implant is to regain best possible eyelid closure and to avoid drying out the corneal epithelium.

The edges of the implant are extremely thin and rounded, thus offering good cosmetic results.

Platinum-Iridium has in comparison to other materials a higher specific weight which allows the design of an implant with a smaller volume. This in turn reduces the contouring of the upper eyelid, providing good cosmetic results. Furthermore, Platinum-Iridium has excellent biocompatibility.

The choice of the well-working implant weight is made pre-operatively by the surgeon by temporarily securing a stainless steel test weight (REF 8000 111) to the upper eyelid.


  • Regain best possible eyelid closure
  • Improves corneal protection
  • Good cosmetic results

Ordering Information

Ordering Information - Platinum-Iridium Upper Eyelid Implant
Item / Weight Lenght (L) / Width (W) REF
Upper Eyelid Implant Platinum-Iridium / 0.8 g 15.0 / 5.2 mm 4007 003
Upper Eyelid Implant Platinum-Iridium / 1.0 g 15.0 / 5.2 mm 4007 004
Upper Eyelid Implant Platinum-Iridium / 1.2 g 18.0 / 5.2 mm 4007 005
Upper Eyelid Implant Platinum-Iridium / 1.4 g 20.0 / 5.2 mm 4007 006
Upper Eyelid Implant Platinum-Iridium / 1.6 g 20.0 / 5.2 mm 4007 007

Special sizes upon request

(0.6 g / 1.8 g / 2.0 g / 2.2 g )


Material: Platin-Iridium (90/10)


Ordering Information - Test Weight Set
Item / Weight REF

Test Weight Set ( stainless steel)

(0.8 g / 1.0 g / 1.2 g / 1.4 g / 1.6 g)

Not for implantation

8000 111


Test Weight Set

(stainless steel)

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Determining of weight and surgical procedure


DMS 0004033_Rev.02