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Micro Ball Joint in the headplate makes the prosthesis follow the macro movements of the tympanic Membrane.
Spring-loaded fastening mechanism (CliP) standardizes coupling to the stapes head.


  • Fine, elegant design
  • Fenestrated head plate
  • Partially roughened surface
  • Pure titanium
  • Finely balanced weight distribution
  • MR conditional for the future: 7.0 Tesla

Product Information


During the healing process, the tympanic membrane migrates to its ultimate position. After reconstruction of the auditory ossicular chain the implant can be susceptible to the environmental changes including dislocation which results in the loss of the incoming acoustical signal across all frequencies.



A Micro Ball Joint is integrated into the head plate of the FlexiBAL. Consequently, the prosthesis can follow the macro movements of the tympanic membrane and continually align itself managing some of the dislocation effects. In addition, the movable head plate counteracts tension, especially at the annual ligament of the stapes footplate. The unique CliP Design provides the prosthesis with stability and standardizes coupling to the stapes head.

Developed in close cooperation with the ENT clinics of the university hospitals in Cologne and Dresden, Germany.


  • Follows the macro movements of the tympanic membrane
  • Continually aligns itself managing some of the dislocation effects
  • Counteracts tension
  • Standardizes coupling to the stapes head

Ordering Information

Ordering Information - CliP Partial FlexiBAL
LENGTH L (mm) FL (mm) REF
1.75 0.75 1002 350
2.00 1.00 1002 351
2.25 1.25 1002 352
2.50 1.50 1002 353
2.75 1.75 1002 354
3.00 2.00 1002 355
3.25 2.25 1002 356
3.50 2.50 1002 357

FL: Functional Length

Special sizes upon request

Material: Pure Titanium (ASTM F67 Medical Grade)

Shaft Diameter: 0.2 mm

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DMS 0004002_Rev.01